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Student Funding News | August 21, 2018

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Cut Out The Middle Man – Crowdfunding Promotes Economic Efficiency

January 23, 2013 | lisa

 by Salvador Briggman, editor at CrowdCrux, a crowdfunding news and analysis website. Check out some of the crowdfunding tips here.
The late Nobel laureate and esteemed economist Milton Friedman is famous for his insights into government spending. In most economies the government acts as a middle man, collecting tax revenue from its citizens and spending it on goods and services that will benefit society as a whole such as national defense, infrastructure, and crime prevention. Naturally, these expenditures vary between states and the federal government.

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How I turned an idea into a project with £1200 of funding using Hubbub

January 15, 2013 | admin

Last March, I received my Raspberry Pi in the post after waiting months and spending all day trying to pre order one when the site went down due to the huge popularity of the little device.

And when I finally got hold of this swanky new piece of tech I thought to myself, as many of us do – “What do I do with it now?”

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German youth apprenticeship system keeps labor market afloat

January 15, 2013 | lisa


COLOGNE, Germany — Following 12 years of elementary- and high-school education in Germany, 22-year-old Sabrina Kleinsorg had to make a decision for her professional career two years ago.  “Most of my fellow students wanted to go to university, opted for a higher education, but I wanted to earn money immediately, while learning a profession at the same time,” Kleinsorg says.  Her own family history includes mostly blue-collar workers, and Kleinsorg’s parents favored an education in skilled crafts and trades for their daughter. Apprentice Sabrina Kleinsorg talks to trainees Fabian Hartmann, left, and Andre Etzweiler, right, at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany.  For Kleinsorg,  the choice was easy:  She opted for an apprenticeship in the field of engineering. Read More

With 1 in 5 under 25 unemployed in the UK, is youth entrepreneurship the answer?

December 19, 2012 | lisa

Youth unemployment: how business can help the ‘lost generation’

With one million young Britons neither in work nor training, some companies are providing stepping stones into the jobs market.

Zain, 19, is half English and half Spanish and swears he’s blessed with intelligence and charm as a result. That winning combination didn’t wash it with the judge. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail for assault.

Almost one million young Britons are currently neither in work nor training. All the evidence would suggest that Zain’s future lay among their number – another of what’s being called the “lost generation”.

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